Garage Yoga is a traditional Ashtanga Yoga Mysore program in San Diego. We have brought back the “old school” small classroom which creates an environment where learning flourishes and mistakes are not over looked. 

1. To join the Garage Yoga Ashtanga Mysore program you must apply by emailing Liza. Beginning and experienced practitioners are welcome.

2. Attendance is mandatory. The Garage Yoga Ashtanga Mysore program requires that all new and beginning students must commit to practicing a minimum of 3 days per week in the Garage shala.

* Visiting students referred by KPJAYI authorized and certified teachers are always welcome at Garage. To attend class refer to Rule#1.

**Ashtanga Yoga is a 6 day per week practice with the exception of Moondays, ladies holiday, or illness. At Garage Yoga we practice in accordance with this tradition.

3. Shower before you practice and arrive with an empty stomach. A clean body equals a clean mind. It’s best not to shower immediately after practice. Most people change and go to work.

4. Enter and exit like a ninja. Enter silently and DO NOT slam the gate. Close it with care. Always maintain quiet voices in the courtyard and the shala. No phone conversations inside the courtyard and shala.

5. Look to the tip of your nose, not your neighbors. Your drishti should always follow the tip of your nose depending on the shape of the asana. Envyasana and Beachasana are not approved poses.

6. If you use Garage equipment, please clean it and put it away after class.

7. If you break something—fix it. If you use the toilet—flush it. Please keep the studio and bathroom tidy, as if you were trying to impress a first date.

8. Have an open mind. The Garage Ashtanga Yoga Mysore program is for those who wish to experience yoga on a deeper level. Challenging yourself and exploring the unknown can be uncomfortable. Trust the process.

9. No drinking water during practice. According to David Life and Sharon Gannon, the founders of Jivamukti Yoga, those who drink water during practice are afraid of enlightenment. A valid argument against this statement can most likely be made, however, there is still no water drinking allowed during practice.

10. Practice way more than you talk about it. When questions come up about the practice, practice more. The answers lie in the execution.

11. Final rule: Don’t take your self too seriously. Do your best at abandoning your ego at the door.