Open Your Mind: Virgo Full Moon

On February 25th the Virgo full moon illuminates a group of stars called Purva Phalguni. It is symbolized by a swimming hammock that harbors the seed of creation. This implies the destruction of old thought patterns and the ability to recreate and learn.
It is a wonderful time to open yourself up to wild creativity and be receptive to learning new concepts and theories. New teachings and methods of living are challenging our old ways of thinking. Virgo is constantly reminding us that we are part of an infinite whole. Try to access the right hemisphere of the brain. The side that sees everything as perfect, whole and one to retain this new cosmic knowledge. The influence of the Sun and watery Pisces helps us to spread new healing techniques and blessings to the world. Move beyond selfishness into unity through compassion so we can evolve spiritually. This will make our lives happier and the world a better place.