Lighten Up: New Moon in Gemini

The new moon occurs in Gemini on July 8th. Gemini is a Mercurial sign that represents our lower mind. It is associated with reason, discrimination and intellect.

In Vedic astrology this new moon is in the lunar mansion of Punarvasu. Punarvasu is a quiver of arrows. When the arrow quiver of Punarvasu is aimed correctly it is able to penetrate deeply into who we truly are. The goddess associated with Punarvasu is Aditi, the goddess of virtue.  She helps us in the pursuit of self-understanding.

Aditi was one of thirteen daughters belonging to Daksha, the Progenitor. She was given to the Sage Kashyapa for marriage and she bore 12 sons that were rulers of the heavens. Kashyapa had 12 additional wives who bore children that populated the universe with demons, birds and other living species.

Aditi’s sons were stricken with bad luck because the demons rebelled against them in the rule over the heavens. She was so distressed by the fate of her sons that she vigilantly prayed and fasted to Surya, the Sun God asking for his help. Surya was so impressed by her devotion and discipline that he offered one thousandth of himself to Aditi in the form of a son. He entered into her body using his ray of conscious light, called Shushumna, which in itself contained a thousand finer rays of brilliant illumination.

Aditi nurtured her unborn god son by fasting and performing prayers despite her husband’s distress that she would kill the fetus. The baby was then born as bright as a thousand suns and defended the honor of his brothers by burning all of the demons that had crossed them.

Aditi embodies the essence of what our yoga practice can provide for our lives. As we gain control over our physical and emotional bodies through the practice of yoga we get closer to becoming more balanced, virtuous, compassionate people. She shows us that disciplined practice and devotion slowly burns away the false ego and refines us into our best god like selves.

Point the quiver inward to plant the seeds of self-discovery during this waxing moon period. Take time for meditation to honor the brilliance within you so you can see the luminescence in others.Image