In All Times, We Practice

Namaste Garagis,

Wishing all of you peace, health and happiness.

The mantra of the Ashtangi is: In strange times, in all times, we practice. Always practice. That is the simplistic genius of our tradition and why it works. The daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga on and off the mat is of utmost importance during these strange times. As practitioners we are able to directly experience the calming, grounding effects of the practice. But this impact goes far beyond ourselves. 

Living our practice is part of our mantra. During this time, the effects of its mind-centering grace will positively influence the field of collective consciousness. In simple terms: if our minds are controlled and calm others will follow suit. Peace will pervade instead of fear. This is our karmic duty as yogis. 

While you self practice at home feel free to text or email me for guidance. If you feel exhausted by the anxiety from the communal energetic field, stick to primary or half primary series. Be sure to focus on your final deep breathing and add Nadi Shodhana, alternate nostril breathing for additional calming. In your final relaxation meditate on your breathing for at least five minutes. For those of you who find this difficult use the hamsa mantra; chanting ham as you inhale and sa as you exhale. 

During the remaining hours of the day continue to stop intermittently and check in with your breath. Breathe deeply. Remember the mind conquering tools of the Tristana. Utilizing a soft breath of sound, direct the breath into your heart as you inhale and into the pelvic floor as you exhale. As you all know this brings the mind to now: presence. In presence you will find peace, faith, resilience, trust, compassion and healing. 

I am deeply grateful for the gift of the Ashtanga yoga practice and my ability to share it with all of you. My wish in this lifetime is to inspire the deep love of daily Ashtanga practice within others. It is my deepest prayer that you all live mindfully using the tools of your practice to let your hearts guide you. 

If you have any questions or need extra support please do not hesitate to reach out via email or text. 

In love and gratitude,