Milky New Moon: Get Nourished

Garage Yogis! Greetings from Sri Lanka! I’m in a beautiful beachside town called Arugam Bay where the watery adaptable essence of this new moon seems to blend perfectly with my surroundings.
Today, April 10th, the new moon occurs in the Nakshatra Revati.
Revati means wealthy and is governed by Pushan, the nourishing form of Surya, the Sun God. Pushan is symbolized by milk (kshiradyapani shakti). It is said that this milky energy has the power to nourish the entire world.
Revati occurs at the tail end of Pisces making this an emotional watery time of new beginnings, and illumination. The important message of this new Moon is trust and surrender. We must be grateful for the simple nourishment that we receive daily through the life giving properties of the Earth and Sun, our families and greater community. Start your day by thanking mother earth. Dedicate your yoga practice to a loved one or simply give your friend a hug. Be grateful and trust in the unity and love that sustains the world.