A Blustery Full Moon

On April 25th the full moon occurs in the lunar mansion Swati. Swati is ruled by Vayu, the wind, and has the ability to move in all directions. Swati is based on changing form due to the power of pradhvamsa shakti, or the ability to scatter like the wind.

Swati is causing things to scatter and change. It is a good time to cleanse mentally and physically. Reorganization is key during this full moon so we can accommodate new ideas and developments in our lives.

During the full moon there will be a partial eclipse that will be visible in Western Africa, The Middle East and Western Asia. During eclipses our energy is vulnerable. Make sure you practice discernment in terms of the information you consume and the company you keep. The positive energy you take in during an eclipse will create long terms effects on your psyche.

This eclipse highlights the power of Jupiter and Mercury which are associated with learning and teaching. This gives us the ability to hold space for personal growth and wellbeing. We have the opportunity to see our difficulties as lessons that will make us more balanced, compassionate, and understanding beings in the universe.

Don’t be surprised if you are feeling like things have been turned upside down and thrown around. Change is good! Use this time to learn from the dishevelment so you can put the pieces back together into something stronger and more complete.